Ask Me Anything (Pre-)Seed Investing

On the first of March, Niek Huizenga from G-Force Capital and Niclas Bertelsen from Arc will answer all your questions regarding early stage investing.

Niek Huizenga has worked for more than 20 years with and for startups. As founder, advisor and investor, Niek knows how to start and scale a business. In the last few years, Niek started focusing more on the Capital side of the startup ecosystem. Since 1st of January, Niek has been the investment manager of G-force capital. Want to know more about when Nieks finds a startup interesting? What his criteria for an investment are and what the investment process at G-force looks like? Ask him yourself!

Niclas Bertelsen is the co-founder of Arc. With Arc, Niclas and his other two co-founders are trying to reshape how we interact with technology. This started with the Arc Pulse. The Arc Pulse has groundbreaking design, a seamless experience and extraordinary protection. All to protect your phone in a way you could not imagine. Do you want to know how Niclas started raising funding with crowdfunding? And how he managed to get two different investors on board afterwards? Or how he runs his business? Ask him yourself!