Consultation sessions – Bulgaria – Nearshoring

On Friday 20 May, WTC Leeuwarden, together with its partner Peak Survenu , will organize  individual consultation meetings for companies that are interested in outsourcing to Bulgaria, wanting to move production to or set up in Bulgaria.

The solutions that Peak Survenu offers are fully customized and the team is ready to assist customers during every step of their journey to Bulgaria. The local know-how, flexibility and experience of the Peak Survenu team members guarantee every small or medium-sized customer a smooth transaction from start to finish with full support throughout the entire process.

The climate for nearshoring is becoming increasingly favorable due to current geopolitical developments and rising fuel prices. The wage cost benefits that were previously available in Asia have also decreased considerably compared to, for example, Bulgaria. Bulgaria, with its proximity, offers a competitive and prosperous business climate for Dutch entrepreneurs.

The discussions will take place in Leeuwarden with the experts from Peak Survenu . Each conversation lasts 45 minutes to an hour and serves as an introduction and inspiration. The conversations are free of charge with the option of follow-up trajectories in collaboration with Peak Survenu

Would you like to make use of the no-obligation consultation or would you like to know more? Register using the contact details below to reserve a time slot.

You can make an appointment by sending an email to:  j.poutsma@wtcl.nl   or by telephone on +31 (0)58 294 1610