Diversity and Inclusiveness

On June 10, between 9.00 and 9.30 am, NOM will organize a webinar in which Ellen Ploeger and Annemarie Atema tell more about the bumpy road to a diversity and inclusivity policy. About the why of those bumps while it is very simple. After all, none of us have prejudices, right? And who could be against an inclusive environment where everyone gets to dance (to use a fancy phrase).

Practice what you preach

NOM are happy to take you on that bumpy road. Maybe you also want something with this theme. But you don't know where to start and how to work it out. And what does investing in diversity and inclusivity actually mean for your company? At the NOM, the focus is initially on awareness and attention is paid to this via blogs and a white paper.

But of course everything starts with the internal organization. Practice what you preach. We have now expressed our vision as follows: 'It makes no difference to us where you were born, what you believe in, how old you are and who you love. We are especially curious about you. Your story and the path you want to take. We help you on that road to growth. This can be both personal growth and business growth.'

She stands her ground

The title of this webinar was chosen for a reason. It is a nod to what many think of when they think of diversity and inclusivity. The male/female ratio. That is certainly not the case. Okay, this webinar is given by two female colleagues who are of course super empathetic (because female ;), but diversity and inclusivity is not (only) about the male/female ratio. And they like to share that. With you. Through this webinar.

After this half hour you understand the bumps, they indicate that they do not have the wisdom, but they also share a number of tips. To help you on your way!