Founder Factory Saas 1/3

Founder Factory is back! Founder Factory is a series of workshops for young entrepreneurs hosted by various initiatives and companies from Groningen.

We will host our workshops again, this time fully digital!

Our first digital Founder Factories will be a series of three workshops for SaaS and digital startups, this will take place on the ninth of April. Stay tuned for the rest!

Founders and Experts will help you from their first-hand experience with scaling and growth. They will share their most valuable lessons and mistakes. Together with the experts, you will work on exercises and tools that helped them while scaling a company. 

Ready to learn new skills and apply them to your own company?

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Partners with :

Marco de Jong - G-Force

Alex van Ginneken - NOO

Henk-Jan Kosse - Appwiki

Jascha Tuinier - (Jascha.nu)

Lars Evers - Jellow

Peter Hager - Simplicate

Jurriaan Graaff - Techleap & Aidence

Willem van Wijmen