Founders Night

Hear from founders, AI experts, and investors about how to avoid AI hype and instead build a truly competitive AI product and business.

About this event

In the early days of a start-up, you can already set the foundation for how you will apply AI—and ensure it’s a pillar of your competitive strategy. Going beyond the hype of AI, this informational networking event will help you understand, build, and communicate your AI advantage.

Who is this session for: AI should be for everyone, regardless of your technical background. This evening will be useful for non-technical founders as well as the more technical amongst you.

You’ll hear from:

➔ Founder Perspectives: Building AI into Your Start-up’s Value Proposition

➔ Case Study: Daniel Gebler, CTO, Picnic

➔ Content Keynote: Useful Frameworks for Getting AI Product Strategy Right

➔ VC Perspectives: Assessing AI Start-ups

And of course, we’ll have time for networking where you can speak with the panelists and other attendees over snacks and drinks at The Club @ TNW City.