KPN Startup Afternoon

On behalf of the teams of KPN Liaison and KPN Ventures, we would like to invite you for the 19th edition of our Startup Afternoon.

The theme of this edition is AI & Machine Learning. The request from large companies to develop themselves is increasing. Also, more and more startups and scaleups integrate AI & Machine Learning in their solutions.

Therefore, we dedicate this edition to this topic. We want to explore how KPN is working on this topic, and how this creates new possibilities to work together with innovative companies.

Of course, this event is open to every company from every industry. So whether you are a tech company using AI & ML, or operate in another non-technical industry. We welcome everybody to discuss about this topic, and to speed date with corporates, investors, startups, and scaleups.

The program consists of

- A plenary opening session with an inspiring lecture
- The possibility to speed date with KPN, KPN ventures, several external investors and other corporates. In previous editions, you had the chance to speeddate with renowned names, such as AWS, Albert Heijn, ABN Amro, TIIN Capital, Volta Ventures, Cottonwood Technology Fund, Health Innovations, EIT digital, and The Next Women.
- We will encourage informal online networking by a networking app, so that you can see who is attending the event

The program of the event

15:00 - 15:10 Plenary opening

15:10 - 15:50 Plenary lecture

15:50 - 15:55 Break + getting ready for speeddates

15:55 - 16:15 --> 1st round of speeddates

16:20 - 16:40 --> 2nd round of speeddates

16:45 - 17:05 --> 3d round of speeddates

17:10 - 17:30 --> 4th round of speeddates

17:35- 17:55 --> 5th and last round of speeddates

18:00 End of the Online Startup Evening