Meet the Northern Industry

On Thursday 11 November 2021, Koninklijke MetaalUnie, Frisian Exportclub, Exportclub Noord, Rabobank, NL.In.Business, WTC Noord, Water Alliance, DeHaan and Region Groningen Assen will organize "Meet the Northern Industry 2021" - entirely in accordance with the RIVM corona guidelines. More than ever, we need our international network to be successful in international business.

The MNi format is a practical day to strengthen your network nationally and internationally. A day on which we make our companies in the north of the Netherlands visible to each other, but especially to the foreign network. The day is intended for entrepreneurs who already have some experience with export, but who want to expand their network, show new innovations, share knowledge and strengthen the playing field.

Innovations, strength and matchmaking are the three central themes during MNi2021.

It will be a practical day to expand your network and to strengthen existing contacts. Find out more about 'Meet the Northern Industry 2021' here.