NL Groeit - Jaar Event 2023

The nlgroeit annual event is the ultimate refresher day for entrepreneurs who want to lead their businesses in a future-proof manner! 🚀

Learn from successful entrepreneurs how they have overcome certain challenges. Engage with like-minded individuals about the obstacles you are currently facing and acquire knowledge in various breakout sessions on topics that are relevant to you. 

June 21st is the training day for entrepreneurs!


After this refresher day, as an entrepreneur, you will have: 

Concrete tools to actively pursue your growth ambitions so that you can optimize the growth of your company. 📈

Built valuable connections with like-minded entrepreneurs whom you can approach for brainstorming and collaboration. 🤝

Personal experiences from successful entrepreneurs that provide insights into the obstacles and challenges they have encountered and overcome as entrepreneurs. 💡


The event takes place at AFAS Theater and includes lunch, drinks, and a walking dinner. 🥂

Here you will gain insights and inspiration from top speakers, experts, and like-minded entrepreneurs! Sign up now! ➡️