SaaS Bazen Live

During SaaS Bazen Live on June 9, everything is about growing and scaling your SaaS company. You arrange your ticket and we arrange lunch and a bus for you and other SaaS entrepreneurs from the Northern Netherlands to take you to Leusden.

The afternoon program of Saas Bazen Live consists of keynotes and panel discussions with, among others, RenĂ© Bonvanie  (former CMO Palo Alto Networks),  Constantijn van Oranje  (TechLeap),  Bas van der Veldt  (SaaS Baas at AFAS),  Emilie Verbunt  (DutchBasecamp),  Charlotte Melkert  (Equalture),  Matthijs Welle (Mews) and other top speakers. After the substantive afternoon session there is an informal dinner where you can catch up with other SaaS entrepreneurs.

An afternoon and evening program that you don't want to miss! It provides you with inspiration, knowledge, new insights, sparring with fellow entrepreneurs and new network contacts that might give your business a boost.

SaaS Bazen Live will take place on June 9th between 13:00 and 20:30 in Leusden. And because that is quite a bit of cycling, we will arrange a bus that will take you to Leusden and take you back to Groningen after the event. You arrange your ticket yourself via the SaaS Bazen Live website , and we arrange a lunch for the road and transport to Leusden and back.

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