Shooting Session Sales

Are you struggling with sales and ready for change?? Then do not miss out on this Shooting Sales Session.

This workshop is for startups who are validated and are having issues in their sales department. Olivier de Ruyver who is a sales expert, will be in charge of this workshop. He will be sharing his tips and tricks on how to improve in sales.

Olivier de Ruyver has more than 20 years of experience, working with companies like RTL, DELL, Philips, De Persgroep, Catawiki, Jellow, Funda and Parkos, to name just a few. He also coaches startups for Collider, an international accelerator program focused on technology startups in marketing, advertising and media, based in Amsterdam and London. 

De Ruyver also coaches startups for Founded in Friesland, Founded in Groningen and OCO (Entrepreneurs Coaching Entrepreneurs). De Ruyver’s area of expertise is sales, from strategy, process and tools, to recruiting and managing teams.

We have a limited number of spots available which means op=op!! So sign up now!