Test your innovation with 5G

Test your innovation with 5G

Do you have a product or service which requires connectivity, especially 5G, for upscaling? 5Groningen offers startups and scale-ups with innovative ideas the unique opportunity to test applications with 5G together with non-profit organizations and leading telecom parties experts in a pre-commercial pilot. A maximum of €50,000 co-finance subsidy per pilot is available for the best applications.

The 5Groningen program as part of Economic Board Groningen supports various of 5G innovations. These innovations can be tested in the 5G Lab and various field labs.  The aim of the program 5Groningen is testing applications with 5G. We do not push the technology of 5G, but the possibilities and applications of 5G. 

About 5G 
5G is the latest generation of mobile communication and is the successor to 4G. 5G is much faster, can send much more data, is more reliable and also provides a longer battery life. The delay in the network is much smaller.

Webinar program 

On Thursday January 13, Rian van Diedenhoven and Marc Cremers of 5Groningen will tell you more about the benefits 5Groningen can offer you and about the application procedure to start a pilot. Also we will take a closer look at the possibilities of 5G and Rian and Marc will share a number of practical examples of completed 5G pilots to inspire you. 

Lasse Licht, co-owner of startup Mindhash, will share his experiences about the 5G pilot ‘Traffic Sense’ he is currently doing at 5Groningen. Traffic Sense is a device that processes and send LiDAR images via 5G on a fixed location on the Zernike Campus. The aim is to count vehicles and monitor traffic movements. 

Of course there is also the opportunity to ask questions during the webinar. 

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