Test your sustainable innovation from the Northern Netherlands at a festival!

Innofest is for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. Are you from the north of the Netherlands and do you want to test and develop your product or service? Early practical testing brings important innovative solutions to the market faster and more successfully.

Testing, testing, testing

Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups. That is why we at Innofest believe so strongly in the importance of testing. Nine out of ten innovations fail because a prototype is insufficiently tested before it is launched on the market. This costs entrepreneurs a lot of time, money and energy. That's why Innofest helps startups shape a successful test and links them to living labs. These are test locations that come as close to reality as possible. In 2022 we will test at Welcome to The Village, TT Festival and Into The Great Wide Open, among others.

Is this something for you? You can apply until March 12 (TT Festival), April 25 (Welcome to The Village) and June 6 (Into The Great Wide Open).

Afraid of the consequences in your wallet? No worries. We'll take care of the production costs. Contact linda@innofest.co for any questions you may have. 

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Test like Innofest

Testing well is about daring to fail. And because every entrepreneur has his or her own issues, the innovation experts of Innofest use different test methods. Want to know more? Request the white paper here.