Venture Class

From an idea to a fully functioning business in 10 days? Impossible? Well, Jantine Doornbos did it!

We are excited to announce or next VentureClass with Jantine Doornbos! Another VentureLab alumni and founder of Dropper & FoodDrop.

Company name: FoodDrop/ Dropper
In 2016, every restaurant had their own delivery scooters that brought food to people’s homes. Jantine saw the opportunity to bundle these delivery services and increase the sustainability. In two weeks FoodDrop was born: a meal delivery service by bicycle. She did everything by herself: the branding, the marketing and the system that processed the orders.
After some time, Uber Eats and thuisbezorgd started entering the delivery market and her position with FoodDrop was in danger. She decided to act and change the functionalities of the platform to a platform that delivered more than just food but everything from shoes to coffee. This meant the start of Dropper in 2019.
The business grew fast and big fueled by the first lockdown in 2020. It was an eventful time for Jantine, which unfortunately ended in bankruptcy on the 1st of April. Although, it has not always been easy, she can’t give up on entrepreneurship and is now launching a number of startups to find out which way of doing business works best.
About Jantine Doornbos
Jantine Doornbos studied information science at the RUG and is skilled in Branding, Devops, Startups, Coaching, Sales, logistics, and Information Science. She is mostly committed to optimizing processes to make people’s lives easier.
Please join us and get inspired by her personal and professional lessons learned from scaling a business fast!

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