Venture Class

Henk Jan Bijmolt, an entrepreneur in heart and soul and former founder of Gadero is the next guest speaker for this Venture class. 

Do you want to learn from a local entrepreneur? The Groningen business environment is rich with success stories like this one. Do not miss out on this Venture Class. 

Henk Jan can best be described as someone who is full of ideas and prefers to carry them out without too much preparation.


He is most known from the company Gadero, which he founded in 2013. Gadero is an online store for buying wood. When he started, most people declared him crazy because he expected that people would switch to buying wood online. However, he had the last laugh... 10 years later, Gadero had grown into a large company with 200 employees, customers in 6 countries and a turnover that would surpass 40 million. Despite the success, Henk Jan decided to leave Gadero in March 2022. He found out that his passion lies more in the start-up phase, where he can work on new and fresh ideas.

Henk Jan has about 20 years of experience in business in various fields and on Thursday night he will give his unique ten tips for entrepreneurs based on his experiences and knowledge. You definitely don't want to miss this!

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