VentureClass with Siet Hamminga

  • Siete Hamminga, CEO of Robin Radar Systems BV
  • April 29th, 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM on BlueJeans.

Going from one failure to another, ..without losing enthusiasm
Your ability to cope with setbacks is crucial to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Despite the success story of Robin Radar, Siete claims that most things he tries, don't work out. He went from inventing a “GSM doorbell” in 2001 to Smart Metering, wireless parking sensors and supporting the Police in dealing with camera phones. Most were too early. None of them were successful. Siete will share his adventures and learnings in high tech entrepreneurship. About converting technology into businesses and about all vulnerable moments in between, when one set back follows the other.

About Siete Hamminga
Siete (46) is a serial tech entrepreneur and speaker. He studied Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Twente (where Aard Groen was his mentor). He finished his studies in Silicon Valley, wrote a book called “Beyond the Hype” and then started his entrepreneurial career. In 2010 he bought a technology from TNO Defense & Security to spin it out and pursue market leadership. The company is called Robin Radar Systems of which it serves as CEO today.

About Robin Radar
Robin develops radar systems to detect small objects like birds and drones. Robin radars are currently being deployed at airports like Heathrow, Schiphol, Fraport and Berlin. But also in Wind farms across Europe and Asia. It's specialized drone radars are used in security markets and protected events like the NATO summit and G7. The company passed 10M revenue last year, now has over 60 employees and is considered to be one of the most innovative and fastest growing high tech companies of the Netherlands.