News Roundup

Talent needed to hack the crisis in Groningen, PulmoTech joins forces with Techleap and more! Check out this week’s news roundup:

Entrepreneurial talent needed to hack the crisis in Groningen

Today, Founded in Groningen, together with the City of Groningen, Startup Weekend Groningen, Yes! Digital, NOO and Studio Plakband, are launching a two part idea sprint to help local retailers, the hospitality, beauty and grooming sector, education and daycare services tackle the crisis in Groningen. We need all you talented and innovative entrepreneurs, companies and employees to lend a helping hand with your skills and expertise! Sign up here: (we’ll be live at 4pm today).


Klippa lands investment

Groningen scale-up Klippa has landed €1.2 million investment, with fintech disruptor Bizcuit Group as the main investor. The company will use 1M for accelerated innovation and 200K to buy out early stage investors. “The COVID-19 crisis makes digitizing company processes and remote work more important than ever”, Klippa founder Yeelen Knegtering says. “With our tools, employees can do their administrative tasks anywhere and anytime, allowing them to safely work from home and their companies to speed up their administrative processes by 70%.”


PulmoTech selected for COVID-19 program launched the COVID-19 Program this week to empower a select group of entrepreneurs who present working solutions for the challenges posed by the current crisis. 
Pulmotech is one of 8 companies joining the program, where they will receive support in accelerating their expansion and time to market. The catheter developed by PulmoTech, an innovative small tube with pressure sensors, is inserted via the nose or mouth into the oesophagus, allowing the possibility to accurately measure the function of the respiratory muscles and the lungs inside the body. This enables additional diagnostic possibilities, individualizing mechanical ventilation, to increase chances patients can be ventilated safely and breathe spontaneously as soon as possible.

Corona causes Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and available solutions that assess respiratory physiology are not optimized for the current (and general) clinical workload, whereas their catheter can quickly be inserted and measurements acquired, to apply safe pressures and individually guide patients off the ventilator. gives insights to policy makers in online behaviour during pandemic has rolled out a daily updated Corona barometer that can help policy makers and (inter)governmental organizations gain insights into how the web has changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The barometer can keep them informed about the latest web developments compared to the pre-coronavirus period and of the economic impact of COVID-19. The barometer reveals that Internet users’ behaviors have sharply changed in the past three months as the pandemic spread globally and pushed everyone to work, study, and do nearly everything from home.