Attention innovative SMEs: check out the SNN VIA 2019 subsidies


Is your SME (MKB) working an innovative technology, product or service? The Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN) has new subsidies available to help you out!

SNN helps entrepreneurs based in the three northern provinces with public funding. This week, they launched VIA 2019, which are subsidies for the development of innovative technologies, software, products and services. Here’s a brief overview of the types of funding you can apply for:


VIA 2019 Development projects

Up to €100,000 in funding for the development of a new product, service or process. The innovation does not exist as of yet or is new for your company. You can apply individually or with other entrepreneurs, also for innovations geared towards carbon reduction. The subsidy can be used for hiring an independent organization, labor costs for employees or individual hours, prototype materials or renting gear and equipment.


VIA 2019 Software projects

Up to €50,000 in funding for the development of proof-of-concept software or a software product or service that’s new for your company. The funds can be used for hiring an independent organization or labor cost and individual billable hours.


Organizational innovation

Up to €12,500 in funding for hiring outside expertise for consulting, guidance or coaching relating to innovation of your company’s organizational structure and/or business model. The project ties into new external developments or market conditions.


Conditions and requirements

Your SME (MKB) has to be based in Groningen, Friesland or Drenthe.
The project, product or service serves the public interest.
There are no prior obligations before applying for the subsidy.
The project is finished within 18 months after approval.

Be sure to check out for more information and detailed requirements.