Building the future: 4 Groningen teams participating in the Odyssey Hackathon

Odyssey Hackathon

The Odyssey Hackathon, previously known as the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon and Blockchaingers, will take place from April 11 to 15 and will see some of the brightest developers, creatives, and entrepreneurs from all over the world descend on Groningen, the Netherlands, to build collaborative solutions for global issues. 

This year’s hackathon will see 100 teams building prototypes to address 20 complex, societal challenges, with 1,500 people expected to attend the hackathon. These challenges cover a multitude of areas, including energy transition, public utility networks, (self-) governance, self-owned digital identity, biometric data communication, financial inclusion and security, cargo insurance, digital nation infrastructure, wildlife and biodiversity restoration, food value chain sustainability, and open crisis and disaster management. Here are 4 teams from Groningen



The Bencom Group provides consumers, institutions and companies with independent and objective information about services and rates in the field of telecommunication, internet, digital television, energy and hotel accommodations. 

Their team has signed up for the GOVERNMENT-BACKED PROTOCOL FOR DIGITAL SUBMISSIONS track, provided by the Ministry of Justice and Security. The challenge? To create an open-source, decentralized and Government-backed protocol to enable everyone to become fully responsible for their own digital permissions, from accepting cookies to approving invoices.


Dataprovider and Snakeware Groningen indexes over 280 million domains in 50 countries all over the world, to create data sets that are specifically tailored. Their clients include global companies like Google and PayPal and they have offices in Groningen, San Francisco and Amsterdam. Snakeware has offices in Amsterdam, Sneek and Groningen and specializes in digital marketing for e-commerce, with a focus on data collection. 

Both teams have signed up for the CO-CREATING AND SHARING VALIDATED DATA DURING A DISASTER track. When in a real crisis or disaster, we want both fully informed rescuers on the scene and the public fully aware of what they need to do to be safe and/or help. In this chaotic context everyone should be relying on validated data. There is a data field surrounding every crisis. The richer and more connected the data field the better.


Fundament All Media

The digital media agency has signed up for the BUILDING A DISTRIBUTED DATA ECOSYSTEM track. Our generation faces enormous challenges affecting our physical environment. We have to make the transition to an energy-neutral, circular economy and deal with evolving demands for housing due to ongoing urbanization and an ageing and diversifying population. The challenge? Building an open distributed data ecosystem where all information on real objects is readily available for authorized persons and machines.