Four big companies with roots in Groningen


Groningen is a city of talent. We all know that. But did you know that some huge companies have their roots in Groningen? Some roots stronger than others, but still… The seeds of the following enterprises were planted in Groningen, and we’re damn proud of it!



Paylogic is famous for supplying ticketing systems to big customers like Tomorrowland, André Rieu, Strong Viking and the Amsterdam Dance Event. Together with the Netherlands, Paylogic also works with costumers from Belgium, Germany, France and the US. When it comes to the live dance industry, it’s the number one ticketing company of the Netherlands. “In fact, Paylogic is a tech company that offers the entertainment industry a full range of activities and digital services. Over the years, we built a great network and knowledge, which gives us the opportunity to give advice to event organizations about their digital strategies. So yeah, it’s way more than just ticketing”, marketing manager Oscar Kriek explains, “at this moment, a lot of our costumers are interested in how to transfer their identity to visitors of an event. Another hot item is that we’re able to turn available information about visitors to good account, which helps organizations to retarget and optimize sales.” It’s hard to believe but it all started in Groningen, where the headquarters of Paylogic used to be. “For the events sector, Amsterdam and the surrounding areas are a hotspot. That’s why, at a certain point, we decided to leave Groningen. We still have an office in Groningen though”.



Have you been to Amsterdam lately? Than you couldn’t have missed the many markets of Marqt. Marqt changes the food industry not by maximization of the shareholder value, but by aiming for good and healthy food that respects nature, animals and humans. Marqt is the first company that voluntary limits the profits of shareholders. 

The company has strong roots in Groningen, because this is where founder Quirijn Bolle studied Business Administration (1994-1999). “As a student, I lived in the Noorderstationstraat. Together with a friend I started BoGa, a business in computers. That time, I learned a lot and I really look back with pleasure on it”, Quirijn says. “I also enjoyed the beautiful area of Groningen, and of course the lively nightlife in the Poelestraat and Grote Markt”, Quirijn adds. After 5 years working at Ahold, Quirijn realized things needed to change drastically, and started to work out his plans for what later became Marqt. “Fastfood Nation, a book written by Eric Schlosser also really inspired me. If you ask me what my advise would be for other entrepreneurs, I’d say that it’s really important to have a good and sustainable idea, which is not focussed on making money but on creating value in a wide sense. And second of all: always stick to your plan.”



Delivering happiness. bloomon knows all about it. This flower home delivery service was founded in 2014, by three friends who all studied in Groningen: Patrick, Bart and Koen. It turned out to be a big hit, because nowadays, the blooming business (ha-ha) delivers feel-good flowers in the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. How it works? Costumers choose a bouquet size and delivery time online and a courier will bring the hand wrapped flowers to their homes. Easy as that, but oh so sought-after.



Restaurantsite IENS is named after its founder Iens Boswijk, who used to study economics in Groningen. In 2015 the popular website was taken over by TripAdvisor, an American travel website. Still, IENS serves as an online reference book for thousands of people who love to go out for dinner but don’t know where to go.