G-Force is looking to invest in Groningen based startups


Got an early stage digital startup or a great idea? G-Force Capital is a pre-seed investment fund, meaning they invest in very early stage startups. The investment fund is looking for digital startups based in Groningen, for example with a recently finished prototype or currently working on validating their idea.


The team is more important than the idea

G-Force invests in scalable and digital concepts. And even though these concepts are subjected to close critical examination, the team is more important than the idea. “In the very early stages, those concepts are still subject to constant tweaking and tinkering, so we would rather invest in a great team than a solid idea”, G-Force investor Marco de Jong explains.

De Jong wants to get to know and understand the entrepreneurs, the team and their motives, ambitions and capabilities first, before any steps are taken: “Before we invest, we want to really get to know you and that will take multiple dates. There has to be a mutual click and mutual trust. We need to build a rock solid foundation, so that you won’t just call us to celebrate successes. We want you to give us a call when the chips are down and the going gets tough too.”


Startup friendly investment

G-Force investments range up to €100,000. Their preferred type of investment is called a convertible loan. “We focus on this type, because it’s a ‘light’ version in the world of investors. This means that, as a startup founder, you will retain ownership and won’t get buried in legal paperwork, because discussing shares and company valuations are not yet relevant during this stage. So, in our opinion, a convertible loan, especially in the very early stages, is the most startup friendly type of investment”, de Jong explains.


Startups, send your pitch!

Groningen based startups are invited to send their pitches to G-Force. This will be the first step in their investment process. Check out g-force.nl for more details.