Hashtag Workmode: Life is short. Work somewhere awesome.


Attention female entrepreneurs. After the success of the co-working spaces in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, Hashtag Workmode has just opened their latest space in Groningen. Drop by, check it out and work in style.

Hashtag Workmode was started three years ago by Emilie Sobels, who also wrote the bestseller Babe, you got this, a series of portraits about female entrepreneurs. Bodil van Weenen, the operational manager of the new Groningen co-working space: “I worked with Emilie before, with my company The Social Pin and when I heard about the plans of opening in Groningen, I immediately contacted her and was involved ever since. It’s something I think would work very well here in Groningen.”

The focus on female entrepreneurs was initially more of a happy accident than a conscious decision, according to Bodil: “It sort of grew organically. When Emilie started the first Hashtag Workmode in Amsterdam, she invited her own network and the place was filled in no time. She then realized the majority were women. But it worked out really well as a concept: enthusiastic, entrepreneurial women, helping each other out. It’s a community with a national network, and female entrepreneurs with very diverse areas of expertise.”

In the other cities, Hashtag Workmode also provides workshops and masterclasses. “This is definitely something we’re going to do as well”, says Bodil. “The topics are really diverse, ranging from negotiation, to cryptocurrency, advertising, SEO and legal issues. They’re fun, a great learning experience and of course there will be drinks after!”

So how’s the atmosphere after the festive opening? “It’s really great! And busy! I’m constantly refreshing my inbox, a lot of people have signed up and we’re very busy giving tours and talking, so much fun! And it’s a great atmosphere; Working hard, but still time for a chat.”