Join the biggest blockchain hackathon in the world

Blockchain Hackathon

Attention Groningen based blockchain devs and A.I. wizards, the Odyssey Hackathon is looking for you! Join the world’s biggest blockchain hackathon in the world, work on pressing societal issues, with the chance to join the incubation program afterwards and work with big corporates and investors. 

The Odyssey Hackathon enables developers, creatives, and entrepreneurs from all over the world to co-create solutions to the challenges contributed by program partners and launching customers using blockchain, AI or other advanced technology. The hackathon is the ultimate launchpad for new innovative businesses.

In 2017, they brought together 450 attendees, grouped in 5 tracks, who built 55 prototypes.
In 2018, they gathered 1000 attendees in 7 tracks, working on 64 prototypes. This year, they want to bring together 1500 attendees to solve 20 real societal challenges in 11 tracks and built 100 prototypes.

Here’s a sneak peak of two awesome challenges in the Crisis and Disaster Management Consortium:



How can private companies contribute to public safety by automatically sharing their information regarding transport and storage of hazardous materials? When sufficiently incentivized, these companies could highly contribute to a truly dynamic and even live risk profile of regions, cities and smaller areas. This dynamic profile could contribute massively to preventing or containing major disasters, as rescuers know where all hazardous materials (close to) the epicentre of the disaster are.



When in a real crisis or disaster, we want both fully informed rescuers on the scene and the public fully aware of what they need to do to be safe and/or help. In this chaotic context everyone should be relying on validated data. There is a data field surrounding every crisis. The richer and more connected the data field the better. The data field consists of open (the general public, internet of things, databases) and closed (professional rescue organizations and ‘crisis partners’) data.

They have a great program for their track deep dive on Feb 6th, in Rotterdam:

15.00 Walk-in
15.30 Welcome and presenting all consortium partners by Steven van de Looij (Director and Fire Commander at Veiligheidsregio Noord-Holland Noord) and Diemer Kransen (Commander of the Midden en West Brabant Fire Department and CIO of the Joint Dutch Safety Regions)
15.45 The Odyssey Hackathon – What can you achieve by participating? (Rutger van Zuidam – CEO of DutchChain & Odyssey)
16.00 The Information-driven fire brigade (Olav Strotmann, Head Department Operational Preparation Safety Region Rotterdam Rijnmond)
16.20 The Future of the Incident Command (Ricardo Weewer, professor Fire Service Science
16.40 Coffee Break
16.55 Presenting the Challenges and Q&A (Lars Scheenstra, Fire Officer at Safety Region Groningen)
Challenge 1 – Incentivizing sharing information on hazardous materials
Challenge 2 – Co-creating and Sharing Validated Data During a Disaster
18.00 End of plenary program – Ample time to Connect

Address: Maassilo, Maashaven Zuidzijde 1 – 2, 3081AE, Rotterdam