Kingsday pilot for world’s first VR festival


Groningen VR developer VRROOM came up with the idea to launch the world’s first ever VR festival on Kingsday next week. Visitors can enjoy virtual live performances by Kwambo, Vangrail and a mystery guest, enjoy a fireworks show and virtually shake the king’s hand and wish him a happy birthday. All proceeds will be donated to the Food Bank.

With all public events and festivals cancelled in coming months and likely for the entire festival season, the annual Kingsday celebration is no exception. A shame, according to VRROOM and internet entrepreneur Schelte Meinsma. “While driving past all those promo posters of cancelled Kingsday events, I came up with the idea to organize a VR festival”, Meinsma says. After a couple of phone calls and shared enthusiasm, the organizers are now working around the clock to turn Meinsma’s idea into a world premiere.


Food Bank

The project, called Kingsday VR, is both groundbreaking and ambitious. The maximum number of people in a VR environment is currently 285. Their ambition is to have 30,000 people share this experience simultaneously. It’s an ambitious pilot project, so there’s a chance some things won’t work as intended, but everything will be done to make things go as smooth as possible.

Because of these difficult times we’re living in, the organization isn’t looking to make a profit from this event. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Food Bank. “They could really use the money right now, so you’ll be sponsoring them when you’re attending the Kingsday VR festival”, Meinsma explains.


Getting drunk in VR and bungee jumping without a rope

What can visitors expect? Other than live shows by Kwambo, Vangrail and a mystery guest, there are also musical performances by DJ ArminVR & DJ HardwellVR, along with a light show and firework show afterwards. Visitors can also get their virtual drink (visual effects included) on and order beers at the bar. There’s virtual food and it’s also possible to go bungee jumping without a safety rope at the Dam in Amsterdam.

Another world premiere: during the first ever festival in VR, visitors can wish the king a happy birthday and virtually shake his hand.


Also without VR headsets

Anyone with a good VR set (HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift or Samsung Odyssey+, to name a few) can enjoy the festival to the fullest. But if you don’t have a set, there’s also a livestream available. Early bird tickets are €7.50, regular €12.50. There are also VIP tickets (€35) with access to Kingsnight VR the night before and a private virtual chillout area. Company tickets are €100 for 10 people. Check out