Meet the 5 companies in the Flinc Investor Readiness Program

Flinc Investor Readiness Program

Having a great business idea is one thing. A solid business plan that attracts potential investors however, is quite another skill. To help promising young companies prepare for the next big step, Flinc launched an Investor Readiness Program, with the official kick-off last Tuesday. 

Flinc is part of the Investment and Development Agency for the Northern Netherlands (NOM) and focuses on innovative startups with disruptive ideas. Their program is based on a similar one in the southern part of the Netherlands. “We got inspired by their pragmatic approach and the effectiveness of it”, says Flinc coordinator Ellen Ploeger. “What also makes it unique, is that we involve investors in the beginning and at the end of the 10 to 12 week program, so they can work with the entrepreneurs, give feedback to optimize the businesscase and enhance/increase the chance to raise funding.”

On Tuesday, the 5 selected companies introduced themselves to an audience of 15 to 20 investors. Here they are:


Stark Learning

STARK Learning offers standardized Virtual Reality training for (mandatory) safety courses. These are courses like First Aid/Basic Life Support(BLS), Basic Fire Fighting, Life Saving Rules and Working at Heights. Virtual training scenarios help people learn by doing, which improves memorizing information and works better than other teaching methods.



Amusca enables companies worldwide to produce insect larvae locally using smart insect technology and services, so that they are able to produce high-quality animal nutrition, added-value products and biochemicals: clean, green and natural. The bio-based economy offers new opportunities for businesses and Amusca is currently looking for investors to enter the market.



Medvrix develops safe and accessible distribution sources for medical Virtual Reality programs. As a distribution channel for medical professionals and developers, Medvrix wants to be an easily accessible VR platform for health related VR content.


Spots Today

The Spots team wants to help customers looking for a haircut without an appointment and barbers with empty spots and last minute cancellations. Spots is a mobile application integrated in online barbershop appointment schedules, identifying currently vacant spots and showing them in a single overview.



Bezorgland wants to compete with delivery apps like The company was founded by hospitality entrepreneurs who to help their peers in the industry. Something Bezorgland wants to do better than its competitors: working with lower fixed fees and commissions, and without fixed contracts.