Rand Design: helping a new generation of talent

Rand Design

How can Groningen Seaports attract and retain a new generation of diverse talent? Startup in Residence participant Rand Design says it’s not just about good primary job benefits such as salary, but also about secondary benefits, like facilitating childcare.

Rand Design is a consulting agency founded by Katarina Mihaljevic and born out of a passion for modern work culture. Its core business is consulting on organizational change and helping companies become ready to hire a new generation of employees.


Connecting research and the real world

During the Startup in Residence program, Katarina has started the Project Kinderopvang Noord, to make it easier for young families to accept a job opportunity that requires home relocation. “In today’s tight job market, you need to look at other ways to attract talent”, Katarina explains. “We want to help the companies at Groningen Seaports and Eemshaven offer flexible child daycare for their employees and address the pricing, flexibility and capacity issues of the existing daycare offer. That creates a situation where both the employer and employee benefit and it’s also a great PR tool for companies. We are helping create the sustainable, forward-looking work environment everyone wants to be part of”.

Katarina, originally from Croatia, is also working on her PhD part time which is funded by NWO. “I wanted to use my research and give it a practical application and to help design the sustainable and successful workplaces of the future. So I was already working on setting up Rand Design when I heard about Startup in Residence and it was just great timing.”


Startup in Residence and future plans

The Startup in Residence program proved to be great launching board for this young company: “Being selected gives you a sort of legitimacy or seal of approval, which is really helpful. Being part of the Startup in Residence program has really helped me to lift off the company and launch the Project Kinderopvang Noord”.

In the coming months, Katarina wants to focus on the northern Netherlands. “My goal is to allow new generations of employees to have the much needed support in balancing work life and the family life. So, at this moment, it’s about finding more partner companies to join the ongoing Project Kinderopvang Noord and explore other opportunities with our current and future partners! ”