SecGroup will keep the Noorderplantsoen green for the coming two years


Startup in Residence participant SecGroep will work together with the City of Groningen for the next two years, to roll out and test Sensoty, the management system they developed. With sensors above and underground, the system constantly checks the soil conditions of the Noorderplantsoen. Based on the data, Sensoty gives advice on protection measures during events and busy warm days. 

As soon as damage to trees, grass and plants is visible, radical and costly measures are often necessary. The prevent and revert this sort of damage, SecGroep developed an automated management system during the Startup in Residence program. The system uses sensors to monitor things like visitor intensity, temperature, salinity, humidity and soil density. Based on that data, the system notifies users when the soil needs to be watered, fertilized or aerated. 

SecGroep is one of eight Startup in Residence participants and co-developed the system with City Management staff members. City Alderman Glimina Chakor expects Sensoty can be used to optimize the quality of the park greens: “This innovative way of working supports the necessary steps we need to take to prevent damage to plants, grass and trees.”


Data for flora management

SecGroup co-founder Ruben Deddens: “It’s amazing that after almost a year of testing and presenting, there’s the trust and confidence to roll out the project further. We can now work on creating an even more beautiful Noorderplantsoen in the coming two years, using our sensor data.”