Startups from Groningen offer 26 solutions for local challenges

Startup in Residence

With the Startup in Residence program, Groningen will actively collaborate with startups to find new and innovative solutions for societal challenges facing the city. In total, 23 entrepreneurs have signed up for the first edition of the program. In the coming weeks, they will pitch their ideas to the City, Groningen Seaports and Campus Groningen. The final selection for the program will be announced in late August.

Groningen City Alderman of Economic Affairs is enthusiastic about the number of registrations: “We call ourselves a City of Talent for a reason, so that also means putting that talent to good use. It’s fantastic to see so many startups are willing to contribute to a bright future for our city.”

The deadline for signing up ended on July 2, and entrepreneurs were able to sign up for one or more challenges, like reducing waste, increasing the percentage of youth participating in sports or reducing the energy consumption in sports facilities. In total, 26 solutions were offered by 23 startups. On Friday, July 6, there will be a preliminary selection round and selected startups will be invited to pitch and further explain their solutions.


Tackling local challenges in an innovative way

The Groningen edition of Startup in Residence was initiated by Founded in Groningen, together with the City, Campus Groningen and Groningen Seaports. “It’s really great to see these organizations willing to work closely with startups”, says Koen Atema, Founded in Groningen’s program manager. “The best way to support startups is to become a customer yourself and set up pilot programs together.”

Atema is also happy about the enthusiasm of the startups that have signed up for the program. “Some of the startups have signed up for multiple challenges, and it’s great to see such a big turnout. The same thing goes for the enthusiasm of Procurement Department of the City, who’ve really been a big help in dealing with the legal aspect of the program.”

The final selection for Startup in Residence will be announced in late August and the program will officially kick off on September 14. Selected startups will get 5 months of intensive professional guidance and the City will buy the most promising solutions at the end of the program.