Two Groningen digital marketing agencies in top 20 fastest growing Dutch companies

Gazelle Award

Every year, Het Financieele Dagblad, one of the leading Dutch financial newspapers, rewards the fastest growing companies per region with a Gazelle Award. On Monday, the newspaper published the national Gazelle top 100 of fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

Groningen based digital marketing agencies Tomorrowmen and Pink Marketing both won Gazelle Awards last week for the Northern Dutch region, but the two are also featured in the top 100. Pink Marketing is officially the second fastest growing company in the Netherlands and Tomorrowmen was listed number 14. Both agencies were founded in 2014 and have a combined total of 40 young professionals working for them.

Yorick Voorthuijzen, owner of Tomorrowmen, is very proud: “We work with customers from all over the country and we’ve noticed they really appreciate our grounded approach to working. It’s also really great to be able to contribute to keeping young professionals here after they’ve graduated. There are so many talented people here in Groningen and we really need to keep them here!”

Tomorrowmen is doing very well this year. Last week, the startup was nominated in a whopping six categories for the Dutch Search Awards, an initiative that promotes excellence in the search industry. One of the categories the company is nominated for, is the award for “Best Agency Small 2018’.