Weekly roundup: more Groningen companies fighting Corona

Even though these are difficult and uncertain times, the Groningen community is coming together to deal with the consequences of the Coronavirus. For some uplifting news, here are some more companies and entrepreneurs trying to make a difference. Did we miss anyone? Let us know and we’ll update accordingly.


Vanhulley turns old clothing into boxer shorts and also provides employment opportunities and education for socio-economically disadvantaged women, often with a migrant background. The company, founded by Jolijn Creutzberg will now also produce face masks for non-medical uses, like the City’s garbage collection and people working in the food industry. Aside from masks, Vanhulley will also make medical aprons and head covers.

Because of the enormous shortages, the company could really use all the help they can get. If you’re interested in helping out, fill in the form here: https://vanhulley.typeform.com/to/WTXNEF



Startup in Residence participant VLNTR hasn’t been idle either. Since the start of the crisis, founder Mark Goos has been actively working with volunteer organizations to help out and now has more than 700 volunteers using the platform. “Really anything from doing groceries, writing postcards or just striking up a virtual conversation with people feeling lonely.”

Got some time on your hands and feel like helping out? Check out https://vlntr.nl/.



Family distillery Hooghoudt is one of the oldest companies in Groningen and announced last week they will use part of their production capacity to make rubbing alcohol for hospitals and other healthcare organizations. The company’s master distiller Frank Leystra noticed the increasing shortages at wholesales and figured out how to use the distillery’s facilities to make medical grade alcohol, also in an effort to also stop price gouging.



The Northern Online Entrepreneurs (NOO), a group of successful tech entrepreneurs and companies in the Northern Netherlands, took out an ad in local newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden, to celebrate and give a shoutout to local retailers, in the form of a rebus puzzle. See if you can guess a few of these companies (in Dutch).


FC Groningen

Soccer team FC Groningen is teaming up with Omapost to help against social isolation. People can now send a personalized postcard to lonely soccer fans for €1.75. https://fcgroningen.omapost.nl/ 

Photo credit: Deon Prins