Witec wins Groninger Entrepreneur Award


During the grand finale in MartiniPlaza last Wednesday, Stadskanaal based company Witec won the Groninger Entrepreneur Award 2019. The judges praised the craftsmanship and precision of the company, which develops and produces for a very diverse array of sectors worldwide. The other two nominees were 365Werk and Heiploeg B.V.

Witec has three separate divisions: Motion, Medical and Precision. The innovative company from Stadskanaal produces parts for jet fighters, medical implants and computer chips, sold nationally and internationally. New products are developed at their own R&D department, sometimes with the help of the University Medical Center Groningen, students and other faculties. One of those collaborations resulted in a pelvis implant, allowing patients to recover fully after an accident. Witec is also a participant of ‘Kansrijke Leerweg’, a worker re-education project for the unemployed, creating around 100 new jobs annually.


Jury Report

The jury praises Witec’s craftsmanship, precision and its role in contributing to create new jobs. According to the report, it allows the company to develop innovative high tech products for very appealing clients and partners in a wide variety of sectors: “We are proud the Groningen province has a favorable business climate for companies with the ambition to perform at the highest level, both locally, nationally and internationally. The jury is convinced Witec will make a great role model and ambassador for Groningen.”