Zupr and Dropper are teaming up


Groningen based startups Zupr and Dropper are going to combine their strengths to help local retailers. Zupr, a participant of last year’s Startup in Residence program, recently launched a platform to pinpoint where products are sold locally. Dropper developed an innovative ‘last mile delivery’ solution to drastically improve the speed and efficiency for deliveries within cities. 

Founders Michiel Vos (Zupr) and Jantine Doornbos (Dropper) met in May 2019. The two decided they spoke the same language, had entrepreneurial chemistry and their employees got along really well too. The result is a collaboration with the ambition to change the world of retail as we know it.


A helping hand for local retailers

For old fashioned brick and mortar stores, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed by consumers online. After all, there’s no way for local shop owners can compete with big players in online marketing. And having a webshop to supplement brick and mortar sales means little if it can’t be found. 

“A shame really”, Michiel Vos says. “More than half of consumers say they’d rather buy locally if they could see online where that product would be available. Some people just want to see or try a product first and appreciate the service and expertise of local store owners. An others would rather buy it without having to wait a few days for it to be delivered.” 

The Zupr platform gives retailers a central place to show what they have in stock.”With that data, retailers, brands and malls or central shopping areas can use existing or new online channels to show consumers the closest location for these products. For instance a store locator on a brand’s website, but also a city website showing the range of local products, making it easy for retailers to show their wares and easy for consumers to find the closest store to get them.”


Deliveries within the hour

“And once Zupr tells you where to find products, Dropper can cater to consumers who want that product delivered to their homes within an hour”, Jantine Doornbos adds. “That’s because Dropper allows couriers to deliver packages from multiple stores and consumers on their route, which is more sustainable, efficient and faster. Everyone wins.”

“We’re currently active in several cities and there’s interest in other countries too”, Jantine continues. So we’re doing pretty well at the moment, which is why it’s time to take the next step. A step we look forward to taking together with a fellow Groningen based startup that also advocates equal opportunities for retailers. By working together, we can help every store owner to really increase their online visibility and, if needed, have their products delivered to their customers within an hour.”