We connect, support and promote startups, companies and initiatives in the innovation ecosystem of Groningen. So they can innovate with more impact and grow even faster.

Our Pillars

1. Talent

We stimulate entrepreneurial talent with inspiration and knowledge and connect them with the right network to start doing business. We provide startups and innovative entrepreneurs with knowledge, tools and networks to recruit and retain talent they need in order to grow.

2. Market

Together with our partners, we’re building a strong regional network with public and private launching customers and an (inter)national network to scale up. 

3. Capital

Together with our partners, we make sure that Groningen based startups and innovative entrepreneurs gain access to the best regional and (inter)national investors, funds, subsidies, incentives and (alternative) financing. For all phases of innovative entrepreneurship.

The Founded in Groningen team!  

Madelon de Vries Public Lead | Project lead Talent 
Lusanne TehupuringPrivate Lead | Project Lead Market
Niek HuizengaProject Lead Capital and Investment
Max PapoProjectmanager 
Richard KootstraContent Writer 
Elmar de Jong Content Manager | Coordinator Startup Visa Groningen