Get inspired! 

We believe that inspiration sparks creation! That’s why we have selected the best websites, podcasts, blogs and other media that will inspire you on your entrepreneurial journey. Do you have other recommendations? Please let us know, and we’ll update this page.

Websites to Follow


Is an online platform that assists entrepreneurs and leaders in their personal and business development. They offer you relevant insights and meaningful inspiration around the drivers of business success, the best range of education, training and business events and lastly, they connect you with business decision makers to strengthen your brand, tell what you can do or find new customers.


NoordZ is a platform that shows that business in the north is simply called entrepreneurship. They tell the story behind the entrepreneur and take you into the developments on the business market in the region.Noord distinguishes itself from current corporate media products, surprises and shows who matters in the north today and tomorrow.

The Northern Times 

The Northern Times is an English-language news site for internationals and anyone interested in news and activities in the three northern Dutch provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. They provide daily coverage and summaries of local news in the north, as well as human interest stories, backgrounds and a regional events calendar.