Being an entrepreneur is about generating impact. You make your own decisions and decide what your day will look like. You can change the world with your innovative idea. 

Now is the time to discover what entrepreneurship has to offer. Founded in Groningen challenges you to experience what it means to have your own startup.

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Find Talent 

Looking for talent?

It is difficult to find (the right) personnel. Where do you find this talent, and how do you know if they fit your company? Throughout the year there are career events where you can find talent both in and outside Groningen. Founded in Groningen often participates in the events under here: 

Find a Startup job

Startups drive innovation. They invest heavily in R&D and develop technologies such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology and virtual reality, to create innovative services and products. They are important innovators of our economy. Are you looking for a job in a company that is innovative and where you can develop yourself quickly, and where you get responsibilities? Then working at a startup might be something for you! These job portals show the startup jobs in the region:

Startup Jobs 

What are your options when you’re an expat or looking for international talent? 

Talent doesn't stop at borders, and thanks to the free movement of workers within the EU, EEA and Switzerland, Dutch companies can choose from a wide pool of talent. But huge numbers of talented people live beyond the EU’s borders, so if you’re non-EU and want to work in the Netherlands? Or what if you want to hire the amazingly talented person for outside of Europe?  Check this article for more information. 


Talented and want to start a startup? 

Entrepreneurship is all about making an impact. You are able to make your own decisions, full of courage and drive. On top of that, you can change the world with your innovative idea!

This is the time to discover what entrepreneurship has in store for you. Founded in Friesland challenges you to experience what your own startup entails.  

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With the discovery program, you'll experience what entrepreneurship means in practice: perseverance, having the courage to fail and making smart choices.

During our events, you'll meet the right partners, bringing the launch of your own startup closer to success than ever.

Get inspired, meet ambitious people and discover your talent. 

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