Bootcamps about entrepreneurship

The world is full of infinite possibilities and countless opportunities. But you already knew that, didn't you? Ready to outbrave, share your talent, move the world. This is your time to find what you love. Starting now to make an impact tomorrow. Launch your entrepreneurial journey. Together we make a change. Hanze and RUG students can sign up every year for the bootcamp about entrepreneurship! 


Students are signing up for the Up-start Day, as well as 7 bootcamps that help with developing and growing their self-knowledge expertise, business and network. By signing up they can determine their own route, as well as their own needs! If they follow a minimum of two bootcamps and when they are signed up at the Chamber of Commerce. Then you can sign up for the Grand Final, where they have an opportunity to receive the Rabo Entrepreneur Award with a worth of €10.000 together with many other prizes. They can sign up as a team or an individual.  


Are you curious? Or do you want to know more? Then listen to some of the students and coaches of last years bootcamp.


Link video: