Alledaags lands half a million in investments for medical learning platform


The Groningen digital agency Alledaags recently received an investment from Nextgen Ventures for the development of a unique, intelligent learning environment for healthcare. The learning environment uses Artificial Intelligence to make healthcare training more efficient and effective.

The successful digital agency has been developing high-end websites, apps and platforms for over five years and is best known for the Squla app, a national learning platform for elementary school students, and the recently redeveloped Nextgen Ventures invests in innovative Health IT and medtech companies that contribute to better and more affordable healthcare.


Adaptive and tailored learning

Regular refreshment courses and training are very common in the healthcare sector. However, most of them can be taught far more efficiently. The teaching material isn’t tailored towards individuals and doesn’t take into account the already accumulated knowledge and expertise. And of course not everyone has the same learning pace or the same way of learning. Alledaags has developed a way in which the content of the material is tailored to the person who has to learn it. This personalized learning process is made possible by the use of A.I. and Big Data.

Together with the Medical Imaging Department of the University Medical Center Groningen, Alledaags has done research on a new user adaptive form of learning. The learning systems constantly measures and checks the level of learning, the speed and content and adjusts it for users. This means the system will find the perfect match for users of all levels.


Big ambitions: reducing the number of lung cancer deaths worldwide

The first course for the tool helps train radiologists to use a new protocol for lung cancer screening. Alledaags co-founder Antje Meindersma believes in impactful entrepreneurship: “It’s great that we not only help people learn in a smart and efficient way, but also the fact that we’re developing this unique learning material that could really have an impact in the battle against lung cancer. And with the investment from Nextgen Ventures, along with their help, their network and entrepreneurial advice, we can take the next big step in achieving those ambitions.”