Groningen companies create platform to help events from being cancelled

Let's Get Digital

Groningen companies EventInsight, Bano and MartiniPlaza and the Delft company have joined forces to allow events such as conventions to continue. With Let's Get Digital, a digital platform, visitors become participants and can network digitally, attend lectures and attend workshops, comfortably from their homes. 

Due to the persistent consequences of COVID-19, events are being cancelled on a continuous basis. Organizers are faced with great uncertainty and enormous financial consequences. Let's Get Digital wants to end that uncertainty in the event industry by offering a digital alternative.


The complete experience

Such a digital alternative must be of high quality, says Ruben Haring, Partnership Manager of EventInsight. “People attend conferences just for the interaction and experience, so a live stream is not enough. We therefore want to offer visitors the full experience”.

How does that work? “Almost exactly the same as in a live event, really,” explains Haring. “There is a check-in with a lobby, break times, coffee, lunch and face2face meetings. Networking is possible before and during the event through two interactive screens. You can follow a keynote or workshop on your laptop screen and chat with your fellow participants on your phone or tablet”.

The platform is also virtually styled according to the corporate identity of the event. “Therefore, the look and feel is maintained,” says Haring. “And afterwards, all data is also transparent for the organizers. At the moment, we mainly focus on the business market, for example congresses, and we can currently organize digital events from 50 to 1,000 people. But in the coming period we will expand and scale up to support even larger events.”

First digital congress already booked

“They organize some keynotes and workshops, but the 1 on 1 meetings are especially important there,” says Haring. “And we can just let it continue in this way as they are used to. It is fantastic that we can provide a backup plan during this crisis and continue a full event. And hopefully Let’s Get Digital can revolutionize the market! ”


About the Collaboration

Let's Get Digital is a collaboration between EventInsight, MartiniPlaza, Bano and EventInsight improves events through meaningful innovations and its curiosity and makes apps and online technology to improve networking at events and make more data transparent for the organizer. MartiniPlaza is the largest conference and meeting room location in the Northern Netherlands. Bano offers its customers, at home and abroad, the ultimate stage to convey a message. is event software for organizing business events. Complex participant-registration ticketing, event website and communication become simple with the extensive features from