Klippa lands €250,000 investment


Klippa, the company behind digital receipts, received €250,000 in a second investment round, making it a very successful year for the startup from Groningen. In the last 6 months, their subsidiary company KlippaCast landed a spot in Startup Bootcamp’s Fintech Accelerator and they also won the ASN Bank World Award in the category Nature & Environment.

The new investors are also behind initiatives like Scoupy (Valentijn Bras, Geert Luyendijk and Jeroen Lubbers) and Short Stay Group (Patrick Grasso). Yeelen Knegtering, co-founder and CEO, says Klippa deliberately went looking for than just an investment: “In a financial sense, an investment is important of course, but the right contacts and benefitting from the experience of others are even more important, because they help in avoiding common mistakes.”


What will the money be used for?

“We’re going to use it to launch a seamless digital receipt”, Knegtering says. Klippa launched a cloud based app to store and scan receipts three years ago. During a business trip to Helsinki, the three founders were brainstorming about all the future possibilities. The three decided on a seamless receipt; a receipt that will automatically show up in the transaction history of your bank account, within seconds after paying with a debit card. And for entrepreneurs, the receipt will also be automatically added to digital bookkeeping software. 

“This will take care of a lot of administrative hassle for businesses and as a consumer, you will always be able to claim warranty for the products you buy”, Knegtering continues. And when everyone in the Netherlands starts using the digital receipt, we will save millions of kilos on toxic paper waste per year.”



“We’re doing great now in terms of finances, but we have big ambitions for the near future. We want to expand to other countries in 2019 and we’re working on a plan for our Series A”, Knegtering says. “We’re currently in talks with people in Switzerland and Poland to launch internationally.”