Northern Startup News March

As the world continues to evolve and progress, so does the startup ecosystem in the north! It is a thrilling time for entrepreneurs, startup lovers, and other followers as we witness innovative companies making waves in various industries. In this article, we highlight some of the exciting developments in the startup world.

EV Biotech Closes €4.5M Funding Round:

EV Biotech is a biotech start-up that's revolutionizing sustainable bioproduction processes for chemicals and materials. The company recently closed a funding round with a whopping €4.5 million. With this investment, they can further develop their cutting-edge technology and expand their talented team. The possibilities for EV Biotech are limitless, and the investment brings the company one step closer to achieving its goal of revolutionizing the biotech industry and contributing to a sustainable future.

CE-Line Included in FoodTech 500

CE-Line, a Frisian company that develops technology for the food and beverage industry, has been included in the FoodTech 500 list. This prestigious list features the top AgriFoodTech start- and scale-ups from over 50 countries. CE-Line's focus on sustainability and creating a better future for food has earned the company recognition in the industry. Congratulations to them on this fantastic achievement!

Implican receives €1M investment from NextGen Ventures and NOM

Implican, a medical device company, has raised €1 million in a first round of investment. The investment will allow further development of the device and start preclinical and clinical testing. The investment comes from Dutch investors NextGen Ventures and NOM, the investment and development company for the Northern Netherlands. Read more via this link 

Swipe4Work App Downloaded Over 800 Times in First Week

Swipe4Work, a new job matching app from Groningen, is making waves in the recruitment game. The app has been downloaded over 800 times in its first week, with 1,700+ swipes and positive feedback from employers about the number of potential matches. The team has already made improvements based on user feedback, showing that they truly care about their users' experiences. With Swipe4Work, finding the perfect job match has never been easier.

Orderli and Y-Combinator

Orderli, a Leeuwarden-based start-up that offers a bestelsysteem for the hospitality industry, was selected for the world-renowned start-up program Y-Combinator. Although they're no longer in the program, they received invaluable expertise and mentorship from Y-Combinator's coaches, who also mentored Airbnb and Uber. Co-founder and CTO Sven van der Zee notes that the value they received far exceeded the investment they made. With this kind of support, Orderli is poised for greatness.



The Northern startup ecosystem is thriving, and these exciting developments are a testament