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Angel Island

No suit & tie, no name cards. Angel Island brings startups together with potential angel investors, sailing together towards the fortress island of Pampus, near Amsterdam. There’s still a couple of spots left, so be sure to sign up before Thursday, September 20. We’ll take care of transportation and you’ll get a discount on tickets for the event.

Startups often have trouble finding the right angel investor, but the opposite is also true. Enter angel island, where the two can meet and talk in an informal setting. Breaking the traditional pitching and investor meetings, Angel Island connects the unconnected with a sailing trip to the old fortress island of Pampus, where there are workshops, a good meal and DJs ready and waiting. 

Even if you’re not necessarily looking for investments, Angel Island is still a great opportunity to talk to fellow startups, the people in the industry and reporters from big outlets like Business Insider and Forbes.


This year’s themes are centered around:

Deep learning |AI |Automation | Edge Computing |Human Augmentation |Fintech | Blockchain |Intelligent IoT | Cyber | Biotech

Also, there’s a special focus on industries that are not yet clearly addressed in the global tech scene:

Ecosystem |Impact | Musictech |Sportstech

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