Tomorrowmen launches new startup


Groningen based marketing agency Tommorowmen recently launched a new startup, focussing solely on marketing activities through e-commerce giant Amazon. The startup, called AMAZIN, is one of the first companies in the Netherlands to do so.

Tomorrowmen is one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands, winning a bronze FD Gazelle in 2018. Just like their new spinoff AMAZIN, the agency is part of the 1UP marketing group and works for clients like Bugaboo, Scapino, Yarden, Imps & Elfs and Heineken.


Marketplace marketing

Amazon of course is the biggest e-commerce portal in the world, with a revenue of a whopping $232.9 billion in 2018. “In a lot of countries, Amazon is already bigger than Google in terms of product related searches and it’s just a matter of time before product sales change drastically in the Netherlands too”, AMAZIN founder Yorick Voorthuijzen says. 

So when Amazon becomes big in the Netherlands, AMAZIN will be ready. “By positioning our marketplace marketing services as a separate company, we’re able to fully focus on that”, Voorthuijzen continues. “We’ve noticed a lot of Dutch advertising companies are struggling this new kind of marketing into a successful part of their business. But with the right kind of tools, content and advertising, it’s far from impossible.”