Win your Golden Ticket to The Next Web (TNW)

Are you a startup eager to soar to new heights in the world of tech? Look no further than TNW for Startups – the place to raise funds, expand your business, and make waves in the industry! 

Thanks to the collective efforts of TNW, the Municipality of Groningen, Akkoord van Groningen, and MXTConference, a unique opportunity awaits you. You now have the chance to secure one of only five golden tickets to the TNW Conference by completing this form to share the envisioned impact TNW might have on your startup and outline the specific benefits you anticipate.

Why TNW for Startups?

TNW for Startups opens the door to unparalleled opportunities: 

  • Exposure: Connect with customers, investors, and media through exclusive channels. Gain visibility from international industry leaders, policymakers, and investors, solidifying your presence in the future of tech.
  • Networking: Access investors, prospects, and clients through the investor lounge or personalized 1:1 meetings. Participate in a Pitch Battle for a chance to showcase your startup in front of financiers and media.
  • Exclusive Coverage: Secure coverage for your 2022/2023 funding rounds at the TNW Conference, putting your startup in the spotlight.
  • Proven Success: Hear it from the winners themselves

We now have a funnel of investors all interested in that next round. It's the best way to validate what you're doing and showcase all the amazing things that your team is doing.

Nilofer Christensen - Founder & CEO Swap StudioTNW Conference 2022 Pitch Battle Winner.

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The Road to TNW Conference 2024

As the preparation for #TNWConference 2024, the Road to TNW Conference will be organized as we uncover the best Dutch tech across the Netherlands. The first stop on their tour is Groningen. It is jointly organized by TNW, the Municipality of Groningen, Akkoord van Groningen, and MXTConference on 17th January 2024.

Check this website for more information about Road to TNW Conference.